Faces of Origins

From around the world, these volunteers have contributed to #OpenScience via independent research, art, editing, multimedia, and more!

With Additional Contributions From

Magda Lizeth Almeida Zavala    Δ    David Bjorklund    Δ    Vincent Brown    Δ    Karina Buttler    Δ    Colton Caldwell    Δ    Kari Caldwell    Δ    Jonathan Castellino    Δ    Charles T. G. Clarke    Δ    Sean G. Dolan    Δ    Jose-Pierre Estrada    Δ    Heather Hadden    Δ    Diana Hernandez Alarcon    Δ    Peter Hiscock    Δ    Christopher Johnson    Δ    Fidel Junco    Δ    Oleksandr Klykavka    Δ    Ellen G. Kress    Δ    Connor Lemp    Δ    Mark Lorch    Δ    Liz Lypp    Δ    Steve Maness    Δ    Janine Mare    Δ    Simon Marshall    Δ    Ryan May    Δ    Kevin Moore    Δ    Rohitesh Naik    Δ    Katrina Newburn    Δ    Jonathan G. O'Donoghue    Δ    Kevin Pimbblet    Δ    Amanda Schlindwein    Δ    Sommer Smith    Δ    Jenn Swanson    Δ    Jim Thomas    Δ    Nikole Valencia    Δ    Steve Ward    Δ    Mike Williams    Δ    Tony Zuvela

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