About Melanie

Passionate bilingual creator and developer searching to bridge gaps in society with technology and information. She comes from a rich scientific and digital media background, complemented by professional studies in anthropology, earth science, and design strategy.

Melanie E Magdalena

In Digital Media

By combining atomic and responsive design, I create effective content-first websites to provide journey-based user experiences for small business and individual service-provider audiences.

In the Pursuit of Knowledge

I have visited archaeological sites in the Americas and Spain, and I have conducted fieldwork in New Mexico, Texas, and Belize. All this combined has inspired me to be an archaeologist, but my journey has only just begun as Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Origins Scientific Research Society, where I continue my scientific research.

How Origins Came To Be

As a budding web developer, I launched the journal Origins – a free journal about science – with over 4 million readers worldwide. Not only is it among the first of its kind, but it is interactive, open access, and free to read online. Of course, you probably already knew that, since you made it to my profile!

What I Also Do, Somehow

When I'm not building web applications, designing content, or learning a new programming language you will find me reading books made from trees, experimenting with a new vegan recipe, hiking through an archaeological site in a tropical location, photographing sea creatures in a scuba adventure, playing video games (mostly Pokémon), or relaxing at home watching e-sports (probably League of Legends).

Desert bloom in pink, closeup. Photo by Melanie E Magdalena.


Year Theme Article
2015 Game On! "Chess: Modern Board Game or Living Fossil?"
2014 A Dose of High "Xochipilli"
2014 Burning History & The Ashing of Science "Burned Books & Preserved Pots: The Spanish Inquisition in the Americas"
2014 It's All On You "Inked"
2013 In the Name of Pi, Math in Our Lives "Mathematics Through the Ages"
2013 Curanderismo: The Art Folk Healing & Traditional Medicine "Curanderismo #throughglass"
2012 Color & Symbolism "Review It: The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico"
2012 Color & Symbolism "Around the World: MexiArch Project 2012"

Get in Touch

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