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I am an archaeologist specializing in Japanese culture. My independent research is centered around the technological, cultural, and economical development Japan has experienced throughout history. Specifically, I am focusing on the Jōmon Period and Imperial to Post-colonial.

Margaret Smith


I have visited archaeological sites in the Americas. I have conducted fieldwork in New Mexico, Colorado, and Belize. My current independent research includes early development of cities in Japan and how the beginnings of Eastern religion changed and/or affected the infrastructure of them. Other interests include the early uses of pottery and the development of craft specialization in Japan. My passion lies with examining how Japan's relations with other countries have changed overtime.

Desert bloom in pink, closeup. Photo by Melanie E Magdalena.


Year Theme Article
2014 A Dose of High "Refusing Vaccinations: A Personal Right or a Vehicle for Mass Murder?"
2014 Burning History & The Ashing of Science "Review It: The Fate of the Library of Alexandria"
2014 It's All On You "Fleshed"
"Review It: Grossology"
2013 In the Name of Pi, Math in Our Lives "Math in Our Lives & Some Examples of How to Use It (Even If You Don't Want To)"
"Astronomical Buildings"
2013 Curanderismo: The Art Folk Healing & Traditional Medicine "Remedies from Japan"
"An Ancestral Celebration: Halloween"
2013 Living in a Sci-Fi Nation "The Top 10 Myths & Mishaps of Scientific Research"
"Review It: Deco Japan at Albuquerque Museum"
2013 Back to the Origins of Humanity "African Origins"
2012 TBD "How Will The World End?"
"Following the Stars through the Eyes of the Past"

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