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Origins #1 Fan who stays up late on school and work nights writing up last minute additions for new themes and issues.

Karen Meza Cherit


Year Theme Article
2015 Game On! "Spatial Intelligence and Geometric Games"
2014 A Dose of High "Alcoholic Origins"
2014 Burning History & The Ashing of Science "Banned Books"
2013 In the Name of Pi, Math in Our Lives "Object of Interest: The Abacus"
2013 Curanderismo: The Art Folk Healing & Traditional Medicine "Forests: Producing More Than Just Oxygen"
2013 Living in a Sci-Fi Nation "OOPA: The Hidden Mystery of Hidden Discoveries"
2013 Back to the Origins of Humanity "Sites to See: Africa"
2012 Color & Symbolism "Day of the Dead"
2012 TBD "From Self-Defense to... Recreation?"
"Around the World: Mesoamerica"

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