About Ethan

Geeky pop culture nerd who believes wholeheartedly in the idea of "Open Science" where everyone and anyone can have access to and contribute to the growing knowledge of humanity without paywalls or lofty language.

Ethan Kellogg

My Style of Writing

I am not the smartest cookie, and I will be the first to admit that. I graduated highschool, but never finished college as my lack of interest in tradtional education and urge to play video games slowly increased over time. Despite not having that fancy piece of paper that says I know things, I still enjoy learning and teaching people in my everyday life. I approach my writing with a very casual voice, so that other people like me who may not have the most robust vocabulary can still understand and gain something from what we're trying to do here at Origins.

On Graphic Design

Once again I am not classically trained in Graphic Design, and all of my art has a very "throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks" feel to it. I brainstorm ideas, draw sketches, and then polish the result until it looks close to what I had in my head for the idea. Most of the time it comes out pretty good! Other times it's back to the brainstorming. Every time it's a journey and I learn something new.

When I'm Not Making the World a Better Place Through Science

In my free time I enjoy a plethora of different things, to various degrees of nerdiness. Reading, writing, film, philosophy, theater, and of course video games are all included. I'm currently an affiliated video game streamer on Twitch with a small but loyal, growing community of viewers who enjoy coming together and sharing good times together on the platform.

Desert bloom in pink, closeup. Photo by Melanie E Magdalena.


Year Theme Article
2015 Game On! "Too Cool For Pok├ęSchool"
2014 Burning History & The Ashing of Science "Ethan's Useless Knowledge That Will Help You In Your Life In No Way Whatsoever"
2013 In the Name of Pi, Math in Our Lives "Tau-ists Are Never Pi-ous"
2013 Living in a Sci-Fi Nation "If Aliens Didn't Exist Then How Did They Build Everything?"

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