Throughout the year, we publish new research collections from recent community submissions. All themes can be contributed to at any time. Additionally, field experts are invited to openly peer-review draft and published content at any time.

A Global Community

You don't need a Ph.D. to share your research. Origins is an open science portal collecting knowledge in Creative Commons formats from our global community. Our free, open format can be shared and remixed by anyone.

Image Credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

Our Open Science Process

Science is a community effort.


Contributions are welcome from students, citizen scientists, and professionals of all science disciplines. Articles, photographs, videos, and other interactive media can be submitted at any time for editorial review for any Theme. If your topic isn't listed, let us know to open a new Theme for the community!


Year-round articles and media are published to Themes. Once your content is submitted for review, the Editor-in-Chief will work with you through the publishing process. Submissions can undergo open peer-review before, during, and post-publication to continually improve your work.


We want to give you credit for your peer-review! You can choose to be featured in any issue simply as a peer reviewer, or be directly associated with the article you reviewed. We want to make science as open as possible and we cannot do it without passionate researchers and reviewers like you.

Patrons of Science

We're all volunteers at Origins maintaining the infrastructure and keeping your research openly available. If you'd like to support our labor and join our mission to start scholarships for budding scientists, you can become a Patron of Science!

Milky Way. Photo by Nathan Anderson, Unsplash.

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